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CEO’s Message

At HelloLoads, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an inherent component of its long-term business strategy that shapes the value system supporting the Company’s Vision & Mission. The Company’s CSR initiatives are playing a pivotal role in improving the lives of the communities and society at large and in & around our operations with an objective to energize, involve and enable them to realize their potential.

Social responsibility is a vital part of the HelloLoads ethos since 2016 and is crafted to constructively and consistently give back to society and contribute to social well-being. This is a visionary element of its business brought alive by both our Founders of HelloLoads – Atul Jain & Prerit Jain.

Creating Beautiful Logistics world

The HelloLoads story began with our Founders who as Business Partners shared a belief that with encouragement and hard work anyone can move to a better place. This belief is articulated through the HelloLoads vision of helping India’s logistics Industry. Our Vision and Founder’s Principles guide us on how we do business and drive our behavior around our Employees and Customers.

The HelloLoads CSR activities are rooted in the knowledge that businesses have a duty to enable all living beings to get a fair share of the planet's resources. At HelloLoads, we are putting our scale and our inventive culture to work on sustainability and protecting our environment. Businesses are powerful constituents of society and the most successful, respected, and desirable businesses exist to do much more than making money; they exist to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

With its Management philosophy of ensuring customer satisfaction through safety and services at an unparalleled level, HelloLoads is dedicated to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Under our theme to “Go Green”, ”Green Miles”, “More Smiles” of social responsibility we engage in systematic CSR activities


We are making Transportation more affordable and efficient. We intend to cover millions of customer deliveries having spare space in transport companies, tempos, vans, and Lorries, reducing the number of empty miles of the road and saving people millions of Rupees in lowered delivery costs. Our customers contribute an eco-offset to help neutralize the CO2 emissions resulting from their shipments. Thus, helping the environment and save money.

In our "Road Safety" program, one of our most meaningful programs that started in 2017, provides hearty safety to Transporters (TSPs) and their associated drivers.

HelloLoads India’s CSR initiatives are activated and executed through the TecSo Global Foundation, which is a registered Not for Profit Organization, working for the welfare of education in our society. Our CSR initiatives are based on the belief that social responsibility is much more than the incurrence of cost or resource or a charitable/philanthropic act of social benefit.

We offer our employees an exceptional work environment. We retail the best quality service to our customers. When it comes to our commitment to corporate citizenship, we make a serious and concerted effort every single day of our lives to reach out and help people improve their lives, moving up the living value chain where they currently are to where they aspire to be. We have and we always will believe in doing better and being better.

#GoGreen #SaveGreen #LessEmptyMiles #MoreSmiles #Safety #BetterLives